Why I Love Funko Pop Figures and You Should Too

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Why I Love Funko Pop Figures and You Should Too

One of my all-time favourite things to do is collect Funko Pop figures. Not quite sure what a Funko Pop is? Well, they’re these small vinyl figures that have a sort of deformed style. In total, they are on average around four inches in height and typically feature a large head design. There are also larger Funko Pop figures available but these are understandably a little more pricey. I pretty much stick to collecting the standard size but I do have a large D.Va with Meka Funko Pop which is awesome.

But why do I love Funko Pop Figures so much? Well honestly put I just love them. I love collecting things and I love the way they look. I like the fact that there are hundreds of different ones to collect. I also like the fact that there is a Funko Pop for everyone. Disney fan? They’ve got you covered. Marvel fanatic? There is a Funko Pop for you. Gamer? They’ve got a range of Funkos. Big supporter of Ed Sheeran? They even have a Funko Pop of him. Seriously, their range is vast and you are sure to find something you like the look of. To many Funko Pops are just silly bits of overpriced plastic but for me, they remind me of my childhood and things that I love. They bring me happiness so I definitely don’t consider them a waste of money.

My Sailor Moon collection

So what Funko Pops do I collect? Well, pretty much any that takes my fancy really. The only “set” or “collection” that I’ve actively tried to complete is my Sailor Moon collection. I just love these Pops because I am a big Sailor Moon fan in general. My favourites from the collection are Sailor Moon and Luna. Obviously. Tuxedo Mask who I mentioned in my June 2018 favourites post. Sailor Chibi and Queen Beryl who isn’t pictured but Peter very, very kindly got me. I also really like Sailor Venus and Artemis a lot too. The rest of my collection consists of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Pluto. Also in my collection is Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn. I also recently picked up Sailor V and Black Lady from EMP who aren’t pictured but are both Comic-Con exclusives.

My other favourite Pops

Other favourite Funko Pops of mine include the likes of Eleven with Eggos from hit Netflix show Stranger Things. I also love Deadpool as Bob Ross because it is simply an awesome Pop. I’ve also become rather fond of Nina Williams who is a character from Tekken, a fighting video game for those who didn’t know. When it comes to Pop figures I tend to steer away from ones that aren’t the standard shape but one I do love that differs is Mrs Potts and Chip. I think it is an adorable figure and as a Beauty and The Beast fan, it was always going to be a winner. The other Funkos I have are the Pink Power Ranger and Peasant Belle which I also like a lot.

Where do I get my Funkos from?

When it comes to buying Funkos I get mine from various places. Some of my favourite places to get them from include EMP, Pop In A Box and Amazon. Funko Pop figures can vary greatly in price so it is best to shop around. Standard Pops can cost anywhere from £8 to £10+ depending on where you look. If you hit lucky you can get your hands on ones that cost less than £8. Certain Funkos are also priced higher. This could be because they are simply sought after or thought to be worth a lot of money to collectors. Limited and special edition figures also cost more too. Oh and as stated previously, larger Funko Pops also understandably are more pricey. The collecting hobby is not cheap as they all add up but they make me happy so I’m not complaining.

Funko Pop figures I’d love to see

There are a few figures I am currently eying up for my collection. That being said there are Funko’s that haven’t been made which I would love to see. For example, there is a selection of Mortal Kombat figures but who I would really love to see is Mileena. It’s the same with the Tekken Pops, my favourite character Alisa isn’t there but I’d love for them to create her.

One thing that I really, really would love to see is a range of Kpop figures. I mean it is taking the world by storm and there is for sure a market for them. Personally, I think BTS, Blackpink, SHINee, Big Bang, EXO and Blackpink Pops would go down a storm. I would also LOVE to see Funkos made of Pretty Little Liars, Dexter, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kim’s Convenience and Jane The Virgin. Fingers crossed one-day Funko fulfil my wishes. Until then I shall live in hope and collect all the available ones in the meantime.

Are you a Funko Pop collector? What is your favourite figure?

Please note this post contains affiliate links.