Why Should Foundation Perfectly Match My Complexion?

Why Should Foundation Perfectly Match My Complexion?

Why Should Foundation Perfectly Match My Complexion?

When I first started wearing makeup I look back and I seriously cringe. As a pale skinned gal I always opted for the lightest shade available however, I came across two problems. The first was that the majority of shades were simply still too dark for my complexion. This was something I could sometimes get around with the help of a white foundation but it was still frustrating.

The second problem I had was down to the tone of the foundation. It seemed like all the light foundations I tried were very warm toned. This was an issue as my skin is very pink toned and therefore I require a cool toned foundation. Thankfully nowadays more budget-friendly brands have widened their range to include more cool tones and lighter colours. However, I know many women of colour still find it difficult to find colours to match their skin tone. This is definitely something I believe makeup companies need to work on.

But why should foundation perfectly match my complexion?

But the question is, why should foundation perfectly match my complexion? Couldn’t I get away with a slightly darker colour and a warm toned shade? When I studied beauty therapy one thing that was drilled into us was that foundation isn’t for adding colour to the face. Instead, it is designed to even out the complexion giving you a great base to work with. Therefore foundations should match your skin as perfectly as possible.

One foundation that is a little too dark for me but workable with a white foundation is the W7 Photoshoot Foundation. This foundation provides a great medium to high coverage. However, I do find the yellow tone off-putting, the colour doesn’t 100% work with my skin and actually puts me off using the great formula foundation. One budget foundation that I do find to work really well with my skin tone is the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. This foundation is very cool toned and quite pale, although I still like to mix a little white in, just to make it perfect for my skin.

There are no rules written in stone when it comes to makeup

When it comes to makeup there really aren’t any rules written in stone. Many makeup artists will preach things to you that will work but ultimately it is down to you how you do your makeup. If you want to rock that bright orange eyeshadow, do it. If you love a purple lipstick, you wear it with pride. When it comes to makeup I love to experiment. But one of the things I always make sure of is that my foundation matches my skin. Without a good colour match, my skin can look orange, off colour and sometimes it can even make me look unwell.

Do you believe that foundation should perfectly match your complexion?