Why You Need To Be Connecting With Online Influencers

Why You Need To Be Connecting With Online Influencers

As you may have noticed, here on Raspberrykiss I’ve recently started sharing a few Digital Marketing posts. Digital Marketing is something I am very passionate about. I know these kind of posts won’t be to everyone’s taste nor will everyone find these posts useful however, I thought I’d share some of the things I find effective in the online marketing world which may help out some of you small business owners. So, lets get on with the post!

Who Are Online Influencers and What Do They Do?

Online influencers are simply individuals who influence a group of people. Online influencers usually have a big interactive audience who are influenced by what is shown to them. This can result in things such as increased conversions, sales, website traffic and brand awareness. Influencers can simply blog about products, tweet about them, share a Facebook post, Instagram an image or even share a video which can transfer into amazing results for businesses, brands and companies.

Examples of online influencers include:

  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Celebrities who are active on Social Media
  • Instagrammers
  • Viners
  • Tweeters
  • Facebook Users

How an influencer may influence their audience:

  • Write a product review
  • Share an image
  • Sharing a link on social media
  • Feature your product in a collective post along with other products from brands other than yours
My Personal Experience and Why You Should Be Connecting With Online Influencers:

A year or so ago I helped a company out with their marketing and I suggested that they looked into online influencers to feature and review their products. In the beginning we targeted high quality, relevant bloggers. Through this we saw a steady increase in both website traffic and conversions which is still benefiting the company to this very day as it also helped with brand awareness. We then decided to target more a more visual audience to really show off the products so we decided to go down the road of YouTube. I did a lot of research into YouTubers who we wanted to work with but because YouTubers are so influential and have millions of viewers, understandably those with huge audiences required compensation in the form of cash. Sadly the company didn’t have the amount that was required left in the budget so we took the decision to reach out to those with slightly smaller audiences who simply required compensation in the form of free products which proved to be more cost effective. In then end I reached out to a handful of vloggers who I genuinely wanted to work with and we began to build relationships. We then sent the vloggers products to try out and test. After a couple of weeks we began to see the video results and much like the case with the bloggers, we saw both and increase in both website traffic and conversions. Then a week or so later things exploded. One of the vloggers I contacted ticked all the boxes for us. This YouTuber had a great size audience that was made up of our specific demographic of choice but despite a really large audience, they surprisingly just wanted the product free of charge, not monetary compensation. Anyway, the audience was full of people who had an interest in the type of product we were marketing and as a result, website traffic spiked. Conversions also tripled and we even began to see orders come in from parts of the world that were previously unheard of which was amazing. This also wasn’t just a quick fix either, the effects of that collaboration are still going on today with people still discussing the video in question and how they were inspired to purchase the product because they spotted that specific YouTuber using it. And what did the collaboration cost? The price of the products. So you can certainly imagine that our return of investment was wonderful. I will however say that when working with YouTubers and with all influencers in fact,  be prepared to give them some form of commission or fee. These people can really help increase conversions and it is only fair that they get their cut.

Top tips for collaborating with influential people:

  • Don’t expect something for nothing – These influencers have audiences which they’ve worked hard to gain. They aren’t simply going to mention your product without even trying it out for themselves. When it comes to those with a bigger audience they may even require cash as form of compensation, after all if a YouTuber has an audience of 7 million then they are providing your with an advertising service which could potentially translate into many, many sales so you can understand why they deserve their cut of the action.
  • Make sure you collaborate with people who are relevant – When collaborating you want to make sure that the influencers produces content that is relevant to your business and has a very similar demographic to you. If you’re a company producing high quality luxurious fragrances that are loved by mature ladies and you only distribute to the UK, there is no point collaborating with someone who’s audience consists of mainly 13 year old girls in the USA because 1. You don’t sell there and 2. How many 13 year old girls would be able to afford your product? Not many I’m guessing. This may seem like a obvious thing but its amazing how many companies I’ve spotted trying to market super expensive £200+ products to teenage fan girls.
  • Be patient and do not hound – With being a blogger and a digital marketing assistant I’ve been on both sides when it comes to collaborating, especially when it comes to PR samples. As a Digital Marketing Assistant you’re eager for blog posts and social media content to go live as you want to see what the influencer has said and you want to see the results however, as a blogger there is literally nothing more annoying than an impatient PR. There’s been times when I’ve received a product and then the next day the PR has emailed me asking if the feature will be up ASAP. I understand that PRs want to know when a post is going up but by constantly hounding influencers to publish something before they are ready and have even had a chance to try your product or service out, you are running the risk of tarnishing your brands reputation.

Online influencers are amazing. They can increase your business income, website performance and they can also greatly increase brand awareness. I highly recommend businesses out there to team up with these big online personalities but remember, these are real people, treat them with respect. They’re not just marketing tools. Build relationship with these individuals, understand what they’re all about and don’t forget to collaborate with those who are relevant to your product, business, brand, service and demographic. If you are reading this post as an online influencer my advice would be for you to know your worth and do not accept anything less than you think you deserve. Companies make heaps of money from collaborating with influencers so it is only fair that your get your share.

Are you familiar with working with influencers? What results have you achieved?