Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Wax Tart Review

Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Wax Tart Review

Its been a while since I did a review of a Yankee Candle Wax Tart and after discovering the new(ish) Red Raspberry scent, I couldn’t help but write a post and share my love for the product. Now I’m sure a lot of you are already aware of Yankee Candle, they’re a company that started out in the USA many, many moons ago after their founder, Mike Kitteredge, melted some crayons to make his mother a candle for Christmas. Nowadays Yankee Candles are available to purchase worldwide and come in many forms from various sized candles to wax tarts. Although I do love my large jar candles, I’d probably say that the wax tarts are my favourite as they’re affordable, allow you to try each scent plus, they really do pack a punch when it comes to scent throw.

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried a whole variety of fragrances from Yankee Candle and I’ve fallen in love with many. The recent scent I fell in love with was the Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Wax Tart. It is probably no surprise to many that I love anything Raspberry flavoured or scented, heck even my blog has the fruit name in it! So obviously it seemed as though the Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Wax Tart was perfect for me which is why I went ahead and ordered a couple of the wax tarts to try out.

The Red Raspberry scent is said to be a tangy yet sweet scent, according to Yankee, but to me, it is actually very authentic smelling without being too tangy or sickly sweet. It is slightly fresh and just a really pleasant fragrance. When it comes to the scent throw Red Raspberry isn’t a fragrance that has poor throw but at the same time it doesn’t fill the entire house. It fills the room, lingers a little but as a whole I’d describe it as having my ideal amount of fragrance. You can smell it in the room in which you melt it but it doesn’t linger round for days which is great for me as I often like to pop a different scent in my burner on a daily basis. Although normally I’d welcome really powerful fragrance, recently I’ve found that if I melt a tart that is very concentrated , it does knock me for six a little and I end up feeling quite unwell. I think this is probably due to the fact that I’ve been run down lately with a severe ear infection which seems to have effected my senses so it’s really no surprise that I’ve been enjoying the slightly less powerful scents.

All in all? I think Red Raspberry is a fantastic scent and I’ll definitely be using the tarts more and more in the Spring and Summer months. I might even invest in the large candle version of the scent as I think it would be nice in my little office type room. If you want to get your hands on the Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Wax Tart it is available to purchase from Temptation Gifts for £1.20 (link)

Have you tried the Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Wax Tart? What did you think?